Animal Feed Salt

Animal Feed Salt

The Mineral Salt Blocks are used for Pets to keep them healthy. It’s used in forest also for wild life animals by the forest department by the government. The Mineral Lick Salt Blocks are known as Mineral Blocks, Salt Blocks, Animal Salt Blocks, Animal Lick Blocks, Animals Regularly Lick Salt Blocks, Licking Blocks, etc.Animals too need vitamins and minerals in their daily food supply.

Sodium is important for the functioning of the central nervous system, while chloride regulates the balance between acids and bases in the stomach.


Break down standing litter.

control grazing time in any one location.

Concentrate livestock use within a location.

Attract heavy animal impact in needed areas.

Lure wildstock out of hiding, allowing them to associate salt-provider with familiarity.

Utilize effective forage use in neglected areas.