Double Fortified Salt


The double fortification of salt with iron and iodine for simultaneous prevention of iron deficiency anemia and iodine deficiency disorders has been a goal of researchers for at least 20 years. Salt fortified with ferrous fumarate and potassium, iodide was reasonably stable and maintained its organoleptic properties, making it more likely to be acceptable to consumers.


Moisture % by mass – 0.30%.

Water insoluble matter, percent by mass on dry basis – 0.40%.

Chloride content ( as NaCL), percent by mass on dry basis – 98.60%

Calcium.(as Ca) percent by mass on dry basis – 0.12%

Magnesium.(as Mg) percent by mass on dry basis – 0.06%

Sulphate (as SO4) percent by mass on dry basis – 0.34%

Iodine Content ( As I ) ppm – 30ppm

Iron Content ( Fe ) ppm  –  1020 ppm

Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate % on dry basis – 1.00%

Phosphorous (as P2O5 ) ppm – 3020 ppm

PH – 4.9

Matter Soluble other than Sodium Chloride % on dry basis – 1.00%

Matter Inolubles in dilute HCL % on dry basis – 0.20%