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  • Address: PO Box 21132, Here Weare St,
    Melbourne, Vivas 2355 Australia
  • Phone: 1-800-565-2390
  • Email: support@yourname.com

Some Words & About Us

Being owners of mines for a wide variety of Industrial minerals we are not dependence on local suppliers. And can ensures consistency in quality with regular and timely supply.

We have our own processing units along with some leased units to ensure that the customers get the material with customized properties within minimum time frame.

We maintain our warehouse with sufficient stocks to meet immediate requirements of our clients. Our clients can be thus assured of timely deliveries as per their requirement.With the tremendous performance record of providing best quality products we are aimed towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our company is a responsible company and dedicatedly working to attain the client’s satisfaction and support. Mined from the highest quality reserves and carefully monitored during stockpiling and hauling, Our bentonite is processed under careful supervision of Quality Assurance Laboratories to ensure the standards.Hind Exim is committed to continual product improvements using statistical methods to document our progress.The organization has since grown into a leading minerals exploration with interests in all areas of the minerals supply chain, from mining and logistics to processing and research & development. Hind Exim commenced operations in 1999 in India, focussing mainly on production and export of Bentonite, and has since then diversified its mineral operations into all areas of the mineral value chain. More than 80% of our products are exported to the Middle East, Far East, South-East Asia China, Africa, Australia and Europe. They are well accepted for excellent quality as well as the competitive price.

Our dedicated work force with a consistency in quality has been successfully able to grab some international attention which has helped us enter into a foreign collaboration with the Europeans. With complete focus, constant R & D, and an unquenching thirst for success has accelerated our growth and development. Our team of technically qualified professionals are supported by international consultants who are continuously involved in developing and implementing innovating ideas and techniques for processing and beneficating of ore thereby facilitating maximum utilization of this natural resource.

Why Us ?

Expertise and experience resonates throughout the Group. We seek out to hire the best, then provide each of them the freedom to exceed our expectations.Hind Exim is not a company satisfied with filling orders and going through the motions. We are innovators, and our investment in the latest technology and sharpest minds bears testament to this commitment. The cornerstone of our success is our unfailing dedication to the utmost consistency and quality in everything we produce.We are a company totally focussed on the needs of the end user. From the mines to their doorstep, our every effort is dedicated to delivering better resources more cost effectively.