Table Salt


Our table salt is known for its high quality and taste. Our premium range is free
from any mineral or organic residual matter and is assured of free flow nature in all kinds of weather conditions. Its moisture seal packaging ensures retention of its characteristics while in storage. Our table salt is fortified with iodine at levels above the natural state.


Name of Compound  – Sodium Chloride

Chemical Formula – NaCL

Formula weight – 58.443

Colour – colorless or white when pure; coloured splotches (e.g blue, purple) when impure

Lustre – vitreous

Physical form  – transparent to translucent cubic crystals; also powder or granules

Mohs hardness – 2

Density (32 F) –  2.17 g/cm3

Melting point – 801.C

Boiling point – 1,465. C